Essential oils are extracted from various sources such as leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit, roots, twigs and many more natural resources. Aromatherapy Essential Oils are extremely effective stress relievers because of their versatile benefits and purposes for invigorating your body and mind.
Use in aromatherapy oil diffusers (inhalation), massage, healing, natural perfume, spa therapy and so many more stress relieving purposes.Throughout history essential oils have been used to increase overall health, with each beneficial aroma providing its own unique healing quality.

The East-West school for Herbal & Aromatic Studies shows that inhalation of the lavender essential oil aroma lowers blood pressure and reduces nervous anxiety, while Rosemary is shown to refresh our mental/psychological well being and increase sympathetic nervous activity. This study shows that human endocrine and immune systems are affected by fragrance. Therefore it is imperative that we use the appropriate essential oils in order to provide the optimal effects that you desire. Such as rose essential oils decrease adrenaline levels although sweet orange aroma is shown to uplift your mood and energize your mind.

* Relaxation and stress relief

* Mood lifting qualities

* Boosts immune system, respiratory and circulatory systems

* Alleviates discomforts

* Easily mixed with other essential oils for blendable synergy

* Healing capabilities

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