The New City Witches Cocktail Coven

This would be a good night to wreath yourself with candles and lights, as it is Saint Lucia’s Day.

Celebrated on 13th December in honour of a 3rd-century martyr who took food and aid to the persecuted as they hid in the catacombs, she wore a lighted headdress to leave her hands free to carry supplies.


This is a popular celebration in Sweden, Norway and Finland, where girls in candle-crowns carry gingerbread and saffron rolls in procession to the accompaniment of song.

The original, ancient intent of the celebration was to illustrate the eternal struggle between dark and light, at this time of the original Yule celebrations when the winter solstice was marked mid-December.


 A time of feasting, gift-giving and lights, the contrast with the cold and fears of the forces of the dark is perfectly demonstrated with the white-clad maidens bearing torches through the night.

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