One thought on “My Brother, Robin.

  1. Born 18.02.1976 to Robin and Sylvia (deceased) in Leicester , UK . Adopted by Diane (mum) img_20161102_012043at 6 years of age. Brother to Kristie, Simon, Peter and Jemma.

    Sadly, Robin, died in his sleep suddenly, thought to have been caused by an accidental overdose, on Sunday 02.10.16 @12.22am, in Wembley, London.

    This was totally unexpected and a complete shock .

    Robin had be successful in recovery for over seven years, beginning his journey at StreetScene in Bournemouth.

    He had managed to hide the relapse and consequential severity and extent of his addiction from most of his family and close friends.

    Robin dedicated his working life to helping recovering addicts and their families. He was head of Drug and Alcohol Services at Spectrum, in Camden, London.

    He was the Learning Disability Champion at CGL Recovery, Hatfield.

    Awarded the Purple Star for his dedication and commitment to offering a high standard quality of care for all of the service users .

    As a devoted Leicester City Football Fan, Robin had a huge tattoo of the city emblem on his midriff ! Which he suffered great physical pain to perfect.

    One of his main loves was dogs. My sister and I would teasingly refer to him as “The Dog Whisperer”.

    A Kind,Caring and Conscientious man, Robin was a very loving person whom believed in old fashioned values and morals, such as integrity, compassion and loyalty.

    Never afraid to say what he thought, Robin had the courage to stand by his convictions, even if that meant standing alone.

    Quick to help out, if he could, Robin was always there in times of crisis and would offer comfort , support and help until a solution was achieved . Tenacious , practical and thoughtful, Robin would be resolute until the end .

    A cheeky grin, with a wicked sense of humour, Robin had the ability to always lighten the mood, make you smile and uplift your spirits.

    He is a larger than life character , whose personality and presence will be greatly missed, he leaves a huge hole in the lives and hearts of all of us, who were lucky enough and indeed honoured, to have been a part of his lifes journey.

    May He Rest In Peace and Love.

    His death is being used to raise awareness of drug addiction and raise money for Streetscene.(Bournemouth ) and Caring, Giving, Living (CGL) Recovery Services.


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