Why Have a Massage?

Relaxing massage

Massage can provide welcome relief from muscular tension, back pain and headaches, as well as diminish the symptoms of stress, anxiety, tension, depression, insomnia, and relieve some forms of chronic pain.

It is also frequently recommended for the treatment of minor sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries and for the enhancement of physical conditioning. Some people find that it even relieves digestive disorders such as IBS and constipation.

There are many reasons to get a massage, here are just a few of them:

Decreases the affects and symptoms of stress, leading to decreased anxiety, improved quality of sleep, greater energy, improved concentration and a reduction in the feelings of fatigue;
Relaxes painful and tight muscles as well as improving joint mobility and health;
Increases and improves circulation and stimulates the removal of waste and toxins;
Releases your natural endorphins that reduce pain and give you the feel-good factor;
It can also benefit those suffering from PMT or menopausal symptoms as well as being useful in the treatment of depression and emotional traumas.
What Happens During a Treatment?

All my treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. A brief consultation is essential to understand your needs, symptoms, conditions and preferences. The duration and frequency of your treatment is very much your personal choice, although for those presenting specific symptoms or conditions a course of treatments is usually recommended.

During your treatment a range of movements will be used on the skin, muscles and joints. Modesty and confidentiality are guaranteed at all times. Many clients discover that the treatments are so beneficial they return on a regular basis for general maintenance.

What Happens After a Treatment?

After your treatment, your body may require a short time to adjust. Everybodys’ experience is different and unique to them, however some of the more common effects include:

Feeling less stressed, both physically and psychologically;
Generally feeling more relaxed, sleepy, or tired;
An increase in warmth and reddening of the skin due to improved circulation;
Temporary aching and soreness in the muscles, this will be short-lived and followed by welcome relief from previous muscular tension.
All of these feelings are normal, and indeed beneficial, to your body and mind