Crystal therapy

Crystal Therapy
Most of the crystals we are familiar with today were formed millions of years ago, deep inside the earth; however a few have also arrived from space, in the form of meteorites.

Crystals are formed slowly from minerals, or combinations of minerals. Each crystal has a definitive, highly ordered structure, or internal pattern and this pattern is reflected in the crystal’s external structure and feel.

The size, shape and colour we see, are influenced by the heat, pressure and combination of minerals which were present when the crystal was being formed.

How can crystals help us?
Quite simply, they work with us because we share an array of similarities, some of which are quite unexpected.

For instance:-

Our own physical bodies contain the same basic components as crystals: silicon, water and oxygen.
Our bodies all have their own unique energy, which is sometimes referred to as our �vibration� just as crystals have their own vibration depending on their molecular structure.
We have an electromagnetic field, which is generated by our internal cellular processes. Crystals also emit electromagnetic energy.
Crystals often live in families or groups. Think of the quartz family which includes clear quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and ametrine.
Just like us crystals need to be cleansed of negativity and can look drained and lifeless if they are not. They need to be cared for and recharged.
Our energy or vibration, or what �mood� we are in, can change constantly, depending on how we are feeling, where we are, what we are doing or who we are with. However, unlike us, crystals have the ability to keep their vibration steady and focused.

It is this focus and steadiness that we draw on to help balance and promote the flow of energy through our own bodies. It is only when energy does not flow freely that we start to feel unbalanced, ungrounded and eventually unwell.

What is Crystal Therapy?
Crystals have been adopted by many cultures over thousands of years. They have been used during ceremonies and rituals as well as for medicines, healing and decoration. We know that crystals hold a steady, focused energy, which makes them the perfect tools to work with to balance our own energy flow. When our energy is flowing freely we feel positive, healthy and well.

Crystal Therapy takes the knowledge and use of crystals to the next stage. They are used in a more specific way to refine our own energy flow, to clear away unwanted energies and to create balance and harmony.

A crystal therapy session encompasses a number of techniques, all of which are designed to bring the physical body, chakras and energy field into balance and alignment. This helps to dispel physical and/or emotional imbalances and bring about a sense of harmony and well-being.

The benefits of crystal therapy can include:

A lessening or removal of physical and emotional issues, such as pain, headaches stress, depression, sleep disorders etc.
Removal of old patterns or stagnant energies, which may be holding you back or hindering your development and progression.
Greater clarity of thought, purpose and direction.
Improved confidence and self esteem.
A sense of wholeness and balance.
Improved general health and well-being.
Enhanced intuition.
What to expect from Crystal Therapy
After a brief consultation you will usually be asked to lie, fully clothed, on a treatment couch, or perhaps sit in a comfortable chair. A variety of crystals are selected and used according to your individual needs. These are usually placed either on or around the body and sometimes you may also be asked to hold them.

The crystal is then focused to release blockages, remove stagnant energy and raise the overall vibration of the area being worked on. The higher your vibration, the greater your sense of vitality, wholeness, purpose and overall wellness.

Sessions typically range from thirty to sixty minutes and cost between �20 – �40. A course of treatments is often recommended for long term or chronic conditions. Many therapists also offer shorter �taster� sessions which can be helpful way to see if the therapy suits you. There are very few contraindications, although it is always worthwhile discussing any specific concerns with your therapist before making an appointment.

Crystal therapy Norwich NorfolkAbout The Author
Melanie Elliott is a a fully qualified and registered Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher located just outside Norwich, Norfolk.

Melanie offers individual treatments, Training Courses, Workshops and Meditation Classes to clients located all over Norfolk and the surrounding areas of Wroxham, Sprowston, Thorpe and Great Yarmouth.

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