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Natural Remedies for Emotional Support

In our stressful society, more and more people are looking for natural remedies for emotional help. We begin by offering a new line of flower

Flower remedies are liquid extracts made from carefully selected flowers. They have been used for several decades to help with emotional well-being. Dr Edward Bach, a surgeon in England in the 1930’s, set out to find natural ways to address the emotional states of people. He studied English flowers and plants and developed over three dozen flower essences for a large variety of specific emotional states.

Now NSP has its own unique line of both English and North American flower essences that feature flowers grown in certified organic gardens and pristine wild crafted habitats. These essences were formulated by Master Herbalist and famed author andNSP lecturer, Steven Home. He explains:

“You may have heard the term Emotional First Aid Kit.
I think every home should have one. Flower essences help people get through the basic emotional imbalances we go through in our lives.
There’s a lot of anger and fear in our nation right now. Many people are suffering losses, whether with financial situations, the market, lost homes, jobs, loved ones, etc. I believe that people really need help processing their emotions.
This is a product line whose time has come. I think we all have a unique opportunity to help others as they search for help in dealing with emotional issues.
I’ve been doing emotional work for 25 years. It’s a huge part of what I do. When you include the emotional with the physical, you get much more dramatic results, and people feel better a lot faster. These flower remedies are unique. No one else has them or anything like
Distress Remedy:

This flower remedy is the most popular on the market. It is designed to balance or center an emotional state. Use in times of stress or tension.

Keep Cool (Vented Anger Formula):

Help control anger, fear and grief; calm temper. Designed for a controlling, domineering personality. Vented anger can manifest as violence, threats of violence, deception and stealth, and emotional manipulation. Venting anger is always a sign of a lack of love and respect for others.

Find Strength (Suppressed Anger Formula):

When anger is suppressed, a person has a difficult time saying “no” to others. They sacrifice their own needs trying to please others and take care of them. Suppressing anger causes you to lose your personal power and allows others to “leach” off of you, which ultimately drains your energy. This results in low energy, which manifests as discouragement, fatigue, loss of enthusiasm and even depression. This loss of energy manifests itself as a lack of immune “shielding,” which can result in frequent infections, parasitic invasions, auto-immune disorders and cancer.

Release It (Vented Grief Formula):

When we vent grief, we place the responsibility for filling the loss we feel onto other people. We don’t want to feel and acknowledge the pain, so we seek sympathy from others as a “drug” to temporarily ease the grief. This can become habitual, so we create a “story” around our victim-hood, which we constantly tell, seeking sympathetic allies. We become “victims,” whining, complaining and manipulating others into feeling sorry for us.

Open Heart (Suppressed Grief Formula):

Sometimes people decide that the pain of grief is a sign that love and vulnerability are dangerous. They close down their hearts to avoid feeling close to anything or anyone. This causes them to fear love. They become “hard of heart” and lack empathy and compassion for others. A person with a closed heart can become inflexible, rigid and judgmental. Criminal behavior is an extreme example of what can happen when the heart hardens due to suppressed grief.

Be Courageous (Vented Fear Formula):

When we vent fear, we look to others to tell us how to solve our problems. We aren’t just interested in exploring solutions, we’re literally giving away our power of choice to others, making them responsible for fixing our fears. Excessive worry and blindly trusting “authority figures” are signs of vented fear.

Be Response-Able (Suppressed Fear Formula):

When we suppress fear, we are suppressing an energy that is driving us to “do something.” This means we need to find something “to do” to channel this energy. Instead of making a choice to do something constructive, we chose to do something to distract us from our fear. We may eat, drink, take drugs, go shopping, watch TV, play on the computer, count bathroom tiles, horde stuff, engage in promiscuous sex, or engage in any other addictive, compulsive or self-defeating behavior.

Flower essences are taken by mouth and may be used separately or in conjunction with herbal remedies. these new products feature a glycerin base and are approved for all ages.

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