unique ways of using essential oils

Unique Ways of Using Essential Oils to Overcome Anxiety
Unique Ways of Using Essential Oils to Overcome Anxiety

Aromatherapy works by harnessing the healing properties of the essential oils coming from various flowers, herbs, and plants. Each kind of essential oil has numerous benefits for the health and wellbeing, but one of the most common reasons for using aromatherapy is to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. By using a good quality essential oil diffuser, there is no doubt that you will enjoy aromatherapy and its benefits.
How Does Aromatherapy Relieve Anxiety?

Inhaling the aroma from certain essential oils can help you overcome anxiety and even depression. Once you inhale the aroma, it immediately affects your brain through your olfactory nerves. As a result, the state of your brain is also changed. It is through this process that aromatherapy helps in controlling restlessness, which is a common symptom of anxiety.
It is important, however, that you choose the right essential oils and a good essential oil diffuser electric to get the right effects. There are also a couple of ways to use aromatherapy. As mentioned earlier, using an essential oil diffuser is one way. This allows you to enjoy the soothing effect of essential oils even while you sleep at night. Or you may also use the aromatherapy oils in your bath or you may inhale it straight from the bottle.
Here are your options when it comes to using aromatherapy:
1. As Bath Oil

You can use your essential oil by adding a few drops in to your warm bath water. You can use jojoba oil as the carrier oil, which you will mix with your chosen essential oil, such as lavender. It is recommended that you use this method when you have your bath at night before going to bed.
2. As Massage Oil

Again, you will combine your carrier oil, like sweet almond oil, with another essential oil for relaxing. You can then use it when you get a body or head massage. Take note, however, that some essential oils are very strong and may cause skin irritation, especially to those who have very sensitive skin.
3. As Air Freshener

You can make your own air freshener using essential oils by combining your oil (20-40 drops) with distilled water (1 ½ ounces) and high proof alcohol (1 ½ ounces). Make sure to shake the bottle of the mixture first before you spray it in the room.