living with angels

Living with Angels
An introduction to Angels and Ascension

Angels are high frequency beings of light, who are beyond your range of sight and hearing. They are always available to help you and act as messengers between you and God. Everyone is ultimately aiming for ascension, which is the bringing down of the light of the soul into your life on Earth. This is a process of mastering the spiritual laws and when you have done so you, your vibrations enable you to ascend to a higher level of understanding. Humans are being offered an unprecedented opportunity for ascension now.
What is ascension?

Ascension simply means raising your frequency to a higher level. However, to most of us it means raising your frequency so that you can bring the light of your soul or monad into your physical body. This then affects your cells so that you can bring forward knowledge, wisdom and spiritual gifts.
Accessing the light of your soul

When you fully open your soul star chakra and act in a fifth dimensional way you access the wisdom of your soul. You then become a lower level Ascended Master and you radiate great light. This is picked up unconsciously by others and can influence and help them. You attract much help from the higher spiritual realms.
Accessing the light of your Monad

Your Monad, sometimes known as the I AM PRESENCE, is the original divine spark from which you originate. All Monads are twelfth dimensional and now for the first time since Atlantis many people can open their Stellar Gateway chakras and start to draw down this extraordinary light.
What is the benefit of ascension?

Your soul fulfils its blueprint for this journey on Earth. By being a beacon of light you help many other people to grow spiritually and in many other ways. You take enhanced light and wisdom back to your oversoul and help it to grow and expand. Your own personal soul journey will be more fulfilled and joyous both while you are incarnated and after you have passed into the spiritual realms. When you pass over you will be met triumphantly by Archangels so your onward journey is assured.
How do I attain ascension?

Every thought, word or deed radiates an energy. When your choices are beautiful, giving, uplifting, empowering and for the highest good, your frequency is high.

You honour plants, trees, animals, all people and all of Creation.

You accept that you (and the choices of your soul) are the creator of your life and take personal responsibility for all that happens to you. You realise there is no one to blame and you totally forgive others and yourself. At this point you cease to be a victim and become a Master.